Reality Adjustments

Trump: Focus On My Wall, Not My Crimes

Jan 09, 2019

On Tuesday night, Trump rallied the nation over his made-up border crisis.  It was a live telecast of what he likes to tweet about.  He summoned all the news stations to broadcast his painting of reality.  He spoke of the great fears of our nation.  He insisted on not paying some 800,000 government employees until he gets his way.

In this speech, Trump didn’t mention that his organizations are under criminal investigations.  Nor did he mention that those closest to him have been convicted of felonies for obeying his orders, such as Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos.

Instead we are talking about his wall.  A wall that few security experts care about.  Trump makes us look at his wall so we don’t look at anything else.  We don't look at his crimes, nor do we look at more pressing issues, such as global climate change, health care, gun violence, or the shrinking middle class.

The president's wall is designed to focus all the attention into one concrete thing, one concrete metaphor, like a black hole at the center of a galaxy, swirling all the stars and planets into his new orbit.  In a chaotic world, it's easier for people to focus on one thing.  He will even call you fake if you don’t fall into his orbit, directly making more people feel schizophrenic and paranoid.

We shift the energy and recenter gravity.  We look deeply at the true concerns of ourselves and this planet.

Don’t get black hole’d by Dark Donnie.  Onward.

The Tilted Glass