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Exclusive Tree Reveals New Fall Wardrobe

Sep 22, 2018

Bienvenue à l'automne

Since its creation in 1805, Trėé has exuded the very essence of sensuality.  An abstract mysterious creature, alive with subtle cyclical facets, radiates an extravagant earthen richness for those who can afford it.

For this season’s autumn equinox, Trėé has stepped into a fuller more voluminous version of its now and forever line of leafware.

The pattern, created in homage to the iconic Sherwood Forest, has been reworked into a multifariously-toned statement.  Trėé reminds the French-listener of the art of merde, that exclusivity is in the attitude of those who buy into it, a system of privilege designed to dazzle and disperse les gens with passionate longings so they shall not organize into storming the Bastille once and for all.

Invoking a nostalgic je ne sais quoi for the fleeting quality of time, Trėé reminds its discerning wearers that la vie is here, not elsewhere.  Free for all, not locked away.  With mature grace it counters the youthful garments of spring and summer with one last push, one last party, facing now a bifurcation in the wooded path: either let go of all those old leaves and prepare for winter by stepping into this fashion statement of your true autumnal glory, or snag upon the black boughs with the other dying leaves, struggling to hold onto that green until the very end. 

Available for daytime and nighttime use, wherever you may find a patch of rich fertile soil.  Trėé, truly for you... are you true enough for Trėé?

The Tilted Glass