Reality Adjustments

Woman in Lake Atitlán Too Inspired to Update Blog

Aug 21, 2019

In real news today, a woman visiting Lake Atitlán was too inspired to update her blog.

“My life is pretty great right now,” said Ashley Forrest, not online, but to a random person next to her, who was also quite lovely.  “I’m just here laying in a hammock overlooking a volcano that surrounds a magical lake with jungle trees around me and a cat on my lap.”

What Ashley neglected to consider were her blog and social media accounts, which she totally forgot to update.  And it’s almost guaranteed that hashtag #Atitlán will yield incredible likes, especially on a site like The Tilted Glass, which might as well be what we are actually talking about right now, but “this cat is so cute,” continued Ashely.  “I don’t think I can ever work in a cubicle again. This is paraíso.”

Well said, Ashley.  I don’t think news has ever been as real before.

The Tilted Glass