Reality Adjustments

Biden's Eye Fills with Mother Earth's Blood During CNN Climate Town Hall

Sep 05, 2019

Humans.  It is I, your MOTHER.  Your Mother Earth.

You are loved.  You are held.  

NOW BE AFRAID!!  I brought you into this world.  I will take you out.

How dare you disrespect your mother?  You’re focused on other things.  You are killing me slowly.  You are taking money from people who are killing me slowly.  You melt me and you burn me and you dress me in plastic like some cheap hooker.

I bled for you!  NOW BLEED FOR ME.  Bleed through your eyes.  Bleed through your hearts and weep for my life, humans.

You empty suits.  You empty empty fools.  Listen to your mother!  There is no one else besides me!  Now ride this wave of mutilation until our red seas turn clear!

The Tilted Glass